Conference Funding

Stiftung Charité funds basic and applied science and research, education, as well as the public health system and healthcare.

Stiftung Charité supports innovations at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH). Here, the foundation takes advantage of its independence to try out novelties at project level and thus, in the long run, to play a role in developing change at the institution it supports. 

This is achieved by funding events in the fields of entrepreneurship, science, education, and health. Here, applications can be submitted for the funding of event venues, of taking on additional staff employed temporarily in the context of organizing the event, of the expenses for lecturers travelling to the event and their accommodation, promotional costs and costs of non-monetary resources and entertainment expenses. The funding volume should not exceed 10,000 EUR.

All members of the Charité and the BIH are eligible for the submission of proposals. The application documents can be called up here. Applications can be submitted at Stiftung Charité at any time. However, please note the following deadlines:

Receipt of application by 31 January 31 May30 September
Decided on by 15 April15 August15 December
Earliest start of funding 1 May1 September 1 January

The Stiftung Charité Executive Board reviews the application and decides on funding; a statement by the Charité or MDC Executive Board or the BIH Directorate can be requested.

The rules of good academic practice and the ethical rules of the 7th EU Framework Program for research apply. The approved funding is paid as third party funding to the institution that has submitted the application; the latter thus becomes the employer of the persons paid with money from Stiftung Charité and administrates the non-monetary resources provided. Furthermore, the Approval Principles of Stiftung Charité that have been sent with the approval apply.


Funded events

(only available in German)


  • "Psychotische Symptome in der Bipolaren Störung - ein wissenschaftlicher und literari-scher Diskurs", Dr. Stefanie Schreiter (Charité)
  • "Berliner Kolloquium: Verheißungen und Lei-den des Internets", Dr. Jan Kalbizer (Charité)
  • "European Neuroscience Conference for Doctoral Students 2018 (ENCODS 2018)", Boris Bouazza Arostegui (Charité)
  • "9th Annual Scientific Symposium: Ultrahigh Field Magnetic Resonance - Clinical Needs, Research Promises and Technical Solutions", Prof. Niendorf (MDC)
  • "Internal Medicine meets Psychiatry - IPOKRaTES Seminar for highly motivated students", Sebastian Serve (Charité)
  • 9th BSRT Symposium: “The Art of Failure: Regenerative Therapies from Experimental Sketches to Clinical Masterpieces”, Dr. Sabine Bartosch (Charité)
  • "Future Medicine 2018 - Science Match", Prof. Dr. Roland Eils (BIH)
  • "Therapieresistente und chronische Depressionen:  Therapieresistente und chronische Depressionen:  Erkenntnisse aus der Psychopathologieforschung und neue biologische und psychotherapeutische Behandlungsansätze", PD Dr. Stephan Köhler (Charité)
  • "Neuroscience Colloquium", Prof. Dr. Christian Rosenmund (Charité)


    • "Emerging Topics in Translational Bioinformatics", Dr. Philipp Boß (MDC)
    • "Charité Initiative für MS-Patienten, 3. Board", Sinje Gehr (Charité)
    • "8th Annual Scientific Symposium: Ultrahigh Field Magnetic Resonance - Clinical Needs, Research Promises and Technical Solutions", Prof. Dr. Thoralf Niendorf (MDC)
    • "imagINe surgery", Dr. Thomas Picht (Charité)
    • "Sommerlieder", Mona Samuel (Charité)
    • "FORUM FÜR PSYCHODYNAMIK IN DER MEDIZIN", Dr. Bernhard Haslinger (Charité)
    • "Berlins Rolle in Global Health - Impulse aus Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft, Politik und Zivil-gesellschaft", Dr. Jens Steinbrink (Charité)
    • "Science Match - Future Medicine", Dr. Rolf Zettl (BIG)
    • "Early Career Scientist Forum on G Protein-Coupled Receptor Signal Transduction (ECSF-GPCR)", Dr. Martha Sommer (Charité)
    • "28th European Students' Conference: Genetic Engineering - when chance meets choice", Prof. Achim Kramer (Charité)
    • "Erfahrungsaustausch der Drittmittelverantwortlichen der deutschen Universitätsklinika", Thomas Gazlig (Charité)
    • "BSRT PhD Symposium and PhD Student Award in Regenerative Medicine 2017", Dr. Sabine Bartosch (Charité)
    • "Workshop on Prosthetic Joint Infection (PJI)", Dr. Andrej Trampuz (Charité)
    • "Sammlung und Fragmentierung: Medizinische Kompilationen des Morgen- und Abendlands und ihre Quellen", Dr. Mathias Witt (Charité)


    • "Symposium zur Ehrung und zur Erinnerung an die Vertreibung der Familie Beutler", Dr. Thomas Kammertöns (Charité)
    • "Charité Initiative für MS-Patienten, 1. und 2. Board", Sinje Gehr (Charité)
    • "7th Annual Scientific Symposium: Ultrahigh Field Magnetic Resonance - Clinical Needs, Research Promises and Technical Solutions", Prof. Dr. Thoralf Niendorf (MDC)
    • "European Students' Conference 2016 - Facing Antimicrobial Resistance - Research Revolution wanted!", Prof. Dr. Achim Kramer (Charité)
    • "Kinderuniversität", Juliane Kaufmann (Charité)
    • "BSRT PhD Symposium and PhD Student Award in Regenerative Medicine 2016", Dr. Sabine Bartosch (Charité)
    • "1. Berliner Symposium Integrated Palliative Cancer Care", Dr. Anne Letsch (Charité)


    • 8th Berlin Summer Meeting - Computational & Experimental Molecular Biology Meet
      "Localization of cellular processes"
    • ECBS & ICBS 2015 – Bringing Chemistry to Life
    • European Students' Conference (ESC) 2015: "Science or Fiction – Imaging the Future of Medicine"
    • Fachvortrag von Prof. Tasuku Honjo zum Thema "Cancer immunotherapy by PD-1 blockade"
    • General Assembly der European Medical Students' Association
    • BIH Young Science International Symposium - Translating basic research into clinical application
    • PhD Student Award in Regenerative Medicine


    • 7th Berlin Summer Meeting - From Systems Biology to Systems Medicine
    • BIH Young Science-Initiative
    • Doktorandensymposium BSRT
    • European Students' Conference
    • IPOKRATES International Students Seminar
    • Mitgliederversammlung Bundesvertretung der Medizinstudierenden


    • Clinical Scientist Symposium: "Klinische Kompetenzentwicklung - Forschungs- und Entwicklungsherausforderungen"
    • Deutsch-Französische Summer School, Prof. Dr. Verena Stangl
    • European Students' Conference
    • PhD Symposium BSRT
    • Verabschiedung der Absolventen, Prof. Dr. Annette Grüters-Kieslich
    • World Health Summit


    • Clinical Scientist Summer Symposium on Translational Medicine
    • Exist Prime Cup
    • Workshop Thinktank, Prof. Dr. Duska Dragun
    • World Health Summit


    • European Students' Conference


    • European Students' Conference
    • Stiftung Charité lädt ein: Prozessmanagement als Erfolgsfaktor im Krankenhaus


    • European Students' Conference
    • Pflegesymposium, Hedwig François-Kettner
    • Stiftung Charité lädt ein
    • World Health Summit


    • European Students' Conference


    • European Students' Conference