The Private Excellence Initiative

Johanna Quandt

With the “Private Excellence Initiative Johanna Quandt”, Stiftung Charité is supporting the establishment and development of the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH). In doing so, it is making a substantial contribution to the strengthening of translational health research in Berlin and the important intensification of cooperation between Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC), which is crucial to this endeavor.

The Private Excellence Initiative concentrates in particular on sponsoring outstanding individuals in all phases of their academic career, from studying through to professorship. It supports individual projects generating a major added value for translational and systems medicine-oriented research. With its focus on individual funding, Stiftung Charité complements more structurally conceived research funding within BIH. In this context, it has not only opted for the conventional methods applied in individual funding but also seeks to take advantage of the program lines developed in the Private Excellence Initiative by acting as a creative initiator in Berlin’s medical research.

A total of up to 40 million euro has been provided for the Private Excellence Initiative for the period of 2014 to 2022. Funding is allocated in accordance with recognized academic criteria and in a competitive framework. An Academic Advisory Council has been appointed for the Private Excellence Initiative to maintain quality assurance regarding the program lines and funding decisions.

„I want to contribute to our offering the best conditions to the best brains. Students, physicians, and top-level scientists from all over the world are to have the opportunity to engage in outstanding and internationally visible translational research at the BIH. This will push forward not only biomedical research in Germany, but also Berlin as a science and research location.”


Program lines

1. Individual funding >>

Einstein BIH Visiting Fellows
in cooperation with Einstein Foundation Berlin

Recruiting leading scientists from abroad for continuous parallel activities at BIH, especially for setting up a working group in Berlin (3 + 2 years max.) More

BIH Visiting Professors

Recruitment of leading scientists from Germany or abroad for temporary activities at BIH (9 months max.) More

BIH Johanna Quandt Professors

Endowed tenure-track professorships to recruit scientists (promotion of women) from abroad or from Germany and in an area of translational medicine of their own choice More

Recruiting Grants

Supporting measures of BIH and its partners to actively recruit established or leading scholars for the Life and Medical Sciences in Berlin (without public tender)

Humboldt Research Fellowships at BIH
for postdoctoral researchers and experienced researchers
in cooperation with Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Recruiting early career scientists and established scientists from abroad for activities at BIH (2 years max.) More

BIH Clinical Fellows

Supporting experienced senior physicians at Charité conducting a clearly defined research project (3 years max.) More

BIH Delbrück Fellows

Funding postdocs establishing a research group of their own over a longer period More


Funding exceptionally achieving and dedicated students at BIH and Charité More

2. Structural and investment funding >>

BIH Investment Fund

Funding construction projects and the procurement of large-scale apparatus at BIH More

BIH Paper of the Month

Distinguishing BIH publications



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