Funding programs of Stiftung Charité

Stiftung Charité funds basic and applied research, education and the public health service and public health, supporting institutions such as the Berlin Institute of Health, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin or the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine. These activities contribute to strengthening and honing the profile of the life sciences in Berlin. To this end, Stiftung Charité offers various funding programs and initiatives, and it is constantly developing its range of funding programs. 

Find the suitable funding program of Stiftung Charité (including all funding lines of the Private Excellence Initiative Johanna Quandt) via the following search.

1. Individual funding (Private Excellence Initiative Johanna Quandt)

Einstein BIH Visiting Fellows

in cooperation with Einstein Foundation Berlin

Recruiting leading scientists from abroad for continuous parallel activities at BIH, especially for setting up a working group in Berlin (3 + 2 years max.) »  More

BIH Johanna Quandt Professors

Endowed tenure-track professorships to recruit women scientists from abroad or from Germany and in a subject area chosen by the applicant herself from the entire spectrum of the life and health sciences » More

Recruiting Grants

Supporting measures of BIH and its partners to actively recruit established or leading scholars for the Life and Medical Sciences in Berlin (without public tender)

Humboldt Research Fellowships at BIH for postdoctoral researchers and experienced researchers

in cooperation with Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Recruiting early career scientists and established scientists from abroad for activities at BIH (2 years max.) » More

BIH Clinical Fellows

Supporting senior physicians at Charité with high clinical performance conducting an academic project (2 years max.) » More

BIH Charité Clinician Scientists

Funding clinical researchers in the context of further training for specialist physicians at Charité (3 years max.) » More

Inventors for Health (Pilot)

Funding for persons with innovative ideas for inventions in the field of the life and medical sciences » More


Funding exceptionally achieving and dedicated students at BIH and Charité » More

2. Structural and investment funding (Private Excellence Initiative Johanna Quandt)

Networking Events

Zusatzförderung für wissenschaftliche Veranstaltungen mit dem Ziel der Vernetzung von Geförderten in der Privaten Exzellenzinitiative Johanna Quandt » More

BIH Paper of the Month

Distinguishing BIH publications » More

3. Project funding

General Project and Conference Funding

Funding smaller scientific projects at Charité and BIH » More

Validation Funding

Supporting technology transfer by funding individual projects on the applicability of research results » More

Max Rubner Award

Pump-priming funding for innovative ideas at Charité aimed in particular at developing new programs, products and initiatives » More

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R1 = First Stage Researcher (up to the point of PhD)
R2 = Recognized Researcher (PhD holders or equivalent who are not yet fully independent)
R3 = Established Researcher (researchers who have developed a level of independence)
R4 = Leading Researcher (researchers leading their research area or field)
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