The war in Ukraine costs a large number of lives and causes great harm and distress. It drives children and adults into precarious circumstances. Alongside many other organizations in Germany, we condemn the war and want to express our solidarity with the people affected by it and suffering its consequences.

Together with other foundations and public funding bodies, and in close alignment with the Charité and other institutions of the life sciences in Berlin, we support people fleeing the war and in particular scientists who cannot pursue their occupation any longer as a direct consequence of the war. 

As part of the support for refugees from Ukraine, Stiftung Charité funds the development of a web-based emergency counselling tool for refugees from Ukraine at the Department of Psychiatry and Neurosciences at Campus Charité Mitte. Building on previous work and insights from “MEHIRA – Mental Health in Refugees and Asylum Seekers”, the application aims to be low-threshold and culturally sensitive in the identification of levels of psychological stress or indeed emergencies, and will be able to direct users towards counselling and therapy.

The application will be available soon in Ukrainian and Russian. Counselling, transferals and other support will be offered in liaison with the Charité’s TransVer network aiming to make mental health support accessible to everyone, regardless of origin and first language.

With the help of seed funding by Stiftung Charité, TransVer has been offering psychosocial support to migrants and refugees since 2016. This now includes people who are fleeing Ukraine. For more information, see:   

In a joint effort to get the information out, we have collated support schemes by other funders and institutions below.

Support for researchers fleeing the war in Ukraine (non-exhaustive list):


WhatWho Where
Welcome page with medical and academic job opportunities by CharitéCharité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
ERA4Ukraine – providing an overview of all existing actions at European and national levels for researchers from UkraineEuropean Commission
Community of volunteer students and research scientists from academic institutions in Europe and around the world  disseminating helpful informationScience for Ukraine
Fellowships and ResourcesScholars at Risk Network

Offering an overview of schemes of support and assistance for Ukrainian students and scientistsGerman Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)


Listing individuals and institutions wanting to enable researchers threatened by the war in Ukraine to work at their instituteAlexander von Humboldt-Foundation


Labs supporting scientists from UkrainePioneered by Andrew Kern at the University of Oregon, maintained by Björn Grüning (University of Freiburg) and Anton Nekrutenko (Penn State University)

General information and support for refugees from Ukraine (non-exhaustive list):

What WhoWhere
General information (particularly relevant to those arriving in Berlin)Berlin Senate (in German, Ukrainian, Russian, and English)
Overview of support schemes by foundationsAssociation of German Foundations (in German only)
Crisis and Rapid Response Funding Support for UkraineEDGE Funders Alliance, ARIADNE, Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN), Gender Funders CoLab
Helping migrants and refugees to enter the German labour marketArrivalAid gUG (German only)


The question & answer community for refugee topicsWefugees gUG



Free first-steps online language tuition for refugees from Ukrainekarriere tutor GmbH (in German, Ukrainian, and Russian)